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Civil Justice in Ohio

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Ohio Association for Justice (OAJ) just released a new video in connection with their ongoing #RespectOhio #RespectforJuries campaign that advocates for the need for a strong civil justice system. 

The video captures the story of Mr. Hord, a native Ohioan. Following a car wreck, Mr. Hord was given a clean bill of health and released from an Ohio hospital, but he actually was suffering from serious internal injuries. This medical error led to his paralysis. An Ohio jury heard the facts, weighed the evidence, and ultimately granted Mr. Hord and his family justice- only to have it stolen again by an arbitrary law. In Ohio, state lawmakers passed SB 80, which limits justice for injured Ohioans like Mr. Hord. The family was represented by OAJ and AAJ member Don Moore of the @Moore Law Firm.  Together, we must fight for a strong civil justice system for all Americans. #RespectOhio #RespectforJuries