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Join Me for the Ultimate in Trial Advocacy Training

Christopher O'Brien
Friday, February 16, 2018

Have you ever lost a trial and not known exactly why? You thought you had a good jury, the proof went in well, your summation seemed to be on point. But the jury came back with a defense verdict. 

For four long years in the mid-1990s, this was my experience, too. So, I decided to start going to seminars to figure out what I was doing wrong. I am happy to report that the American Association for Justice “AAJ” (and its predecessor, the Association of Trial Lawyers of America “ATLA”) helped me turn things around. Now when I go to trial, I have a plan and strategies to combat biases that I never realized existed. I am armed with methods of making defense allegations irrelevant and immaterial. 

As we all know, our reputations as trial lawyers are made by our successes at trial. You have the opportunity to achieve success if you are up to speed on the latest psychology of jurors and message presentation. The last few years have shown us just how important it is that our messages are crafted towards the biases and deeply-held beliefs of jurors.

With this in mind, I invite you to join me at ATLA's Ultimate Trial Advocacy Course: Art of Persuasion​®. “The Ultimate” will help you cultivate and master critical courtroom and communication skills. This is not a seminar where you will spend time sight-seeing or on a beach. This seminar is geared towards lawyers who are competitive, ambitious and who want to do everything they can do to achieve justice for their clients. If you want to sit in a chair and listen to speeches, don’t attend The Ultimate. If, however, you want critique on how to perform an opening or a direct or other trial skills, know that you will have that opportunity every day at The Ultimate.

This AAJ College is unique in that you will be taught by not only eight of the top trial lawyers in the country, but also eight of the top trial consultants as well. You will learn about presentation skills and message development from trial consultants and trial attorneys who have twenty to forty years of experience. By the end of this College, you will have mastered a new method of trial skills!

Learn how to implement trial psychology and persuasive techniques into each stage of trial, from jury selection to opening statements, and closing arguments. Plus, work hand-in-hand with seasoned trial lawyers, nationally recognized trial consultants, and communications experts while getting personal feedback and critique during small-group workshops.

Only experienced trial lawyers with five or more jury trials are admitted to this program so you can work with colleagues of a similar skill and experience level. Visit to download the registration form to register for this program today or call AAJ Education at 800-622-1791 or 202-965-3500, ext. 8612 with any questions you may have.

Hope to see you there!