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February 6, 2015

February Trial Focuses on Transportation

Posted By: Allison Burtka

The February issue of Trial magazine covers transportation-related litigation, from guardrails to railroads.

It includes articles on: 

- the deadly impact of Takata air bags, by Rob Ammons

- dealing with assumption of risk evidence in railroad cases, by Richard N. Shapiro and Kevin M. Duffan

- defective and dangerous guardrails on roadways, by J. Kent Emison and Brett A. Emison

- malpractice on...

January 22, 2015

Get Up to Speed on Trinity Guardrails

Posted By: Allison Burtka and Anne Doohan

On Thursday, Jan. 22, AAJ Education is holding a rapid response webinar on Trinity guardrail litigation. Participants will learn about the problems with Trinity Industries, Inc.’s guardrails, safety testing, and case selection considerations. To register for Rapid Response: Guardrail Litigation Webinar—Trinity End Terminals, visit

Trinity faces personal...

January 21, 2015

Amendment Threatening Citizen Enforcement of Endangered Species Act Blocked

Posted By: Ben Somberg

A key accountability provision in the Endangered Species Act (ESA) came under attack Wednesday in the U.S. Senate, but the American Association for Justice (AAJ) and other groups successfully fought back.

The ESA provides for citizen enforcement suits, which allow individuals to prompt the government to enforce provisions of the law when it has failed to do so. But this important enforcement safeguard came under attack. Senate Amendment 33 to the Keystone XL pipeline bill (...

January 14, 2015

House Passes Bill To Weaken Safety Laws, Block Public Protections

Posted By: Ben Somberg

The U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday passed a sweeping bill that would make it nearly impossible for federal agencies to issue new standards that protect the public. The bill would effectively weaken a wide range of existing laws that Americans count on, from the Clean Water Act to the Food Safety Modernization Act to the Dodd-Frank financial reform law. No wonder it’s a favorite of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Today, it takes federal agencies years to issue each new or updated rule, delays that harm the public....

January 13, 2015

AAJ President: A Message for the New Year

Posted By: Lisa Blue Baron

I’m always astounded by the speed of the holiday season—and now January is upon us! I hope you will schedule time in the coming year to take part in some AAJ events.

In the last quarter of 2014, I traveled several times to AAJ headquarters to meet with staff. Without a doubt, we’re in for an exciting year.

Now more than ever, lawyers are asking me how they can increase their involvement in AAJ issues.


January 7, 2015

AutoZone Held Accountable in Pregnancy Discrimination Case

Posted By: Tanea Jackson

In the latest edition of Trial News: A California jury found that an AutoZone worker's supervisor discriminated and retaliated against her because of her pregnancy—and that the corporate office's legal department perpetrated that behavior.

“This is a story of the legal department and its knowing efforts to hide and discredit somebody who had made these claims [of pregnancy discrimination], and that’s horrible,” said  Sacramento, Calif., lawyer and American...

December 5, 2014

Trial News Story and Upcoming AAJ Education Seminar Cover Takata Air Bags

Posted By: Allison Burtka and Anne Doohan

TrialNews_2014Dec4.jpgThe air bag manufacturer Takata Corp. and several automakers have recalled millions of air bags because they may explode—even in low-impact crashes—ejecting shrapnel-like material and turning a crucial safety device into a deadly weapon.

Several months ago, evidence surfaced that Takata and carmakers have known about the defect for years. What has followed is a series of recalls, federal agency investigations,...