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March 4, 2014

Forced Arbitration – The Stealth War on Women’s Rights

Posted By: Sarah Jones

While working for now-defunct retailer Circuit City, Tia Holloman was subjected to two months of appalling sexual harassment that included her supervisor exposing his genitals to her, grabbing her and parading her around the store when she tried to escape his abuse — an event that was recorded by the store’s surveillance camera. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found in Tia’s favor, but despite a mountain of evidence against Circuit City and her supervisor, Tia’s sexual harassment case was thrown out of court because of a...

January 24, 2014

Winter Convention: Helping Our Host City

Posted By:

At Winter Convention 2014, in addition to the New Lawyers Division Habitat for Humanity project (Friday, Feb. 7), members also have the opportunity to donate school supplies to a literacy program called Start the Adventure in Reading (STAIR) and some members will be making presentations at local high schools about the dangers of distracted driving.

STAIR is a volunteer-based, non-profit children’s literacy organization that provides reading tutors for first, second and third grade students in public schools. STAIR was founded in New Orleans in 1985 and has brought more than 300,000...

November 5, 2013

Statement on Senate Judiciary Subcommittee Hearing on Federal Rules of Judicial Procedure

Posted By: Jamar Hudson

Washington, DCThe following is a statement from American Association for Justice CEO Linda Lipsen in response to the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee Hearing entitled: “Changing the Rules: Will limiting the scope of civil discovery diminish accountability and leave Americans without access to justice?”

“These proposals will give corporations new tools to avoid providing the internal documents and emails needed to hold corporations legally accountable when they harm and kill Americans.  

“We are pleased the Senate is holding a hearing to ensure the...

October 25, 2013

Report: How the U.S. Chamber Forced Arbitration on America

Posted By: Jamar Hudson

Through its legal reform front group, the Institute for Legal Reform (ILR), the U.S. Chamber has been at the forefront of a heavily-funded campaign to eliminate corporate accountability, even for massive violations of state and federal law. For decades, this has primarily revolved around high profile PR campaigns to portray the civil justice system as beset by frivolous lawsuits. But where a billion-dollar tort reform campaign has not succeeded in closing the courthouse door, its more stealthy compatriot – forced arbitration – has gone a long way to shielding corporations from...

October 11, 2013

New American Association for Justice Law School Chapter at LSU

Posted By: Burton LeBlanc

This week I had a chance to speak to some of America’s future lawyers who are studying at Louisiana State University Law School. My undergraduate degree is from LSU, and I discovered that the law school recently started a student chapter of the American Association for Justice. 


I eagerly accepted the law school’s invitation to speak at the inaugural chapter meeting to students and faculty about what the American Association for Justice does, and what the association can do specifically for students to help them launch their careers. It...

September 20, 2013

Reaching out to Students to Help End Distracted Driving

Posted By: Burton LeBlanc

I was honored to accompany fellow trial lawyer Joel Feldman as he made his first End Distracted Driving presentation Friday in Louisiana – my home state – at my high school alma mater, the Louisiana State University Laboratory School (U-High).

Joel, whose daughter Casey was killed by a distracted driver in 2009, came to U-High to speak to an auditorium packed with 10-12thgraders about the dangers of distracted driving. It was an incredible experience to watch him speak candidly with the students, giving them information that will empower them to make safer choices as drivers and to...

September 3, 2013

USA Today LTE: Accountability Keeps Americans Safe

Posted By: Katie Gommel

More than 98,000 people die every year because of preventable medical errors–making it the sixth leading cause of death in the United States.

Despite this serious epidemic, corporate front groups are working hard in the U.S. Congress and state legislatures throughout the country to limit accountability and access to the civil justice system when patients are harmed or killed by medical errors.

Today, USA TODAY published a letter to the editor from American Association for Justice President...

August 22, 2013

AAJ's Trial Magazine Wins Apex Award

Posted By: Allison Torres Burtka

AAJ’s Publications Department is happy to announce that Trial magazine has won an Apex Award of Excellence for its October 2012 issue on Representing the Elderly. Trial is the journal of the American Association for Justice, and each issue of the magazine focuses on a different theme.

Articles in the winning issue include:

  • Find the hidden evidence of nursing home ownership, Kenneth L. Connor and C. Caleb...
August 22, 2013

In Memoriam: Ron Motley

Posted By: Linda Lipsen

We lost a giant today.

Ron Motley was one of the most creative, fearless lawyers I’ve ever known. He took the impossible cases no one else would take, delivering justice to families devastated by a litany of harmful products including asbestos, lead paint, and tobacco, just to name a few. Ron was one of the best courtroom lawyers EVER— a bold and dramatic legal pioneer. He literally created an avenue of redress for thousands who otherwise would have...