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September 22, 2015, PNLR E-Newsletter

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Narcotics overdose

Suit alleged that an internist and the management group of a nursing and rehabilitation center were liable for prescribing improper and excessive doses of pain medication to a patient and failing to monitor her, among other claims. Williams v. Advantage Mgmt. Group, Inc.

Margaret Dickerson, 72, was admitted to The Samaritan Manor Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center after being hospitalized for fractures. While at Samaritan, she was given Vicodin and Dilaudid for pain control. A few weeks later, her doctor discontinued the Vicodin and started Dickerson on Oxycontin, in addition to the Dilaudid.

After four days of taking the two drugs, staff observed that Dickerson was lethargic. Staff then administered Narcan, and the pain medications were discontinued. That evening, Dickerson was found unresponsive. She was transferred to a hospital, where she died of cardiopulmonary arrest. She is survived by her adult daughter.

Dickerson’s daughter sued Samaritan Manor’s management group and Dickerson’s treating internist, alleging, among other things, prescription of improper and excessive doses of pain medication, failure to monitor, and failure to provide appropriate treatment for her adverse reaction to the pain medications.

Samaritan Manor settled for an undisclosed amount. The jury awarded $3 million against the physician.

Citation: Williams v. Advantage Mgmt. Group, Inc., No. 13-001836-NH (Mich. Cir. Ct. Wayne Cnty. Apr. 17, 2015).

Plaintiff counsel: AAJ member Brian J. McKeen, David Tirella, and Parker Stinar, all of Detroit.