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November 26, 2019, PNLR News

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Failure to provide treatment for internal bleeding

Patricia Akerson, a 60-year-old woman who was taking an anticoagulant, was struck in the leg by a piece of wood, which caused blood to pool in her shin. She went to the Cary Medical Center emergency room, where she underwent testing, including an X-ray that showed swelling and blood formation beneath the skin. Medical personnel discharged Akerson with a prescription for a narcotic pain reliever. The next day, Akerson suffered an eruption of blood through her skin. She returned to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery and debridements. She later required a skin graft and now has pain, swelling, and disfiguring scarring on her shin.

Akerson sued the hospital, alleging it failed to refer her for a surgical consultation and instruct her to use ice and elevate her leg. Suit also alleged the defendant had prematurely discharged Akerson while she was in an unstable condition and suffering from ongoing internal bleeding. The plaintiff did not claim lost income.

The jury awarded $1.2 million.

Citation: Akerson v. Cary Med. Ctr., No. CARSC-CV-17-040 (Me. Super. Ct. Aroostook Cnty. Nov. 7, 2019).

Plaintiff counsel: AAJ members Travis Brennan and Jodi Nofsinger, both of Lewiston, Me.