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December 26, 2019, PNLR News

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Failure to prevent pressure sore from worsening

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The plaintiff, who required significant wound care treatment for a stage IV pressure sore, sued a long-term acute care hospital, alleging it failed to prevent the sore from worsening during her two-month stay. Suit claimed staff should have turned the patient every two hours, among other preventive measures. The jury awarded $1.3 million. Dickinson v. Landmark Hosp. of Athens, LLC.

Elizabeth Dickinson, 74, suffered serious injuries in a car collision. She was taken to a hospital, where she was later diagnosed as having a stage II pressure ulcer on her sacrum and buttocks. After being treated at the hospital, she was transferred to Landmark Hospital, a long-term acute care hospital. By the second day of her two-month stay, the pressure sore had progressed to stage III, and within a week, it had progressed to stage IV. Dickinson required significant wound care treatment, including vacuum-assisted closure of the wound and multiple debridements. She also required a skin graft and now must be careful when sitting or lying down.

Dickinson sued Landmark Hospital of Athens, LLC, alleging it failed to prevent the stage II pressure sore from worsening. The plaintiff asserted that the defendant’s staff had failed to turn her every two hours and apply zinc oxide, among other things.

The jury awarded $1.3 million.

Citation: Dickinson v. Landmark Hosp. of Athens, LLC, No. 17C-00943-2 (Ga. St. Ct. Gwinnett Cnty. Sept. 19, 2019).

Plaintiff counsel: AAJ member Richard C. Mitchell, Darren Summerville, and AAJ member Zack Greenamyre, all of Atlanta.

Plaintiff expert: David Seignious, geriatrics, Johns Island, S.C.

Defense expert: Aaron Blom, vascular surgery, Philadelphia.