Tonahill Award | The American Association For Justice Archive

The Tonahill Award is given in recognition of outstanding and dedicated service to and support of consumers and the trial bar.

The American Association for Justice proudly announces the 2014 Tonahill Award winner.

Mark Lanier, The Lanier Law Firm
Houston, TX

Past Recipients

2013:  Arthur H. Bryant
2012: Joan Claybrook
2011: Anthony Tarricone
2010: Elise R. Sanguinetti
2009: Kirk Wagar
2008: Julie Braman Kane
2007: C. Gibson Vance
2006 Kathleen Flynn Peterson
2005: Robert J. Bonsignore
2004: Robert J. Cartwright, Jr.
2003: Thomas Vesper
2002: Tom Henretta, John F. Romano, and Todd A. Smith
2001: Charles A. Mathis, Jr. and Dianne Jay Weaver
2000: David S. Casey, Vincent Glorioso, Jr., and Donald J. Nolan, III
1999: Jim Kitchens and Sheldon Miller
1998: Roxanne B. Conlin and Michael Maher
1997: Russ M. Herman and Herman J. Russomano
1996: Pamela A. Liapakas and Mark S. Mandell
1995: Mary E. Alexander and Francis "Brother" Hare, Jr.
1994: Richard H. Middleton, Jr. and Larry S. Stewart