F. Scott Baldwin Award | The American Association For Justice Archive

The F. Scott Baldwin Award was established to honor and recognize F. Scott Baldwin of Marshall, Texas, a world-renowned trial lawyer, whose efforts have produced outstanding damage awards for injured victims and their families. The F. Scott Baldwin Award is presented in recognition of the legendary degree of excellence and compassion that Scott Baldwin has brought to the profession and the significant time he has invested in training, preparing, and encouraging lawyers to the profession of trial law.

To submit a nomination for the 2018 F. Scott Baldwin Award, please fill out this form and email it to jennifer.rafter@justice.org by April 15.

The F. Scott Baldwin Award is presented at the NLD Awards Reception during the AAJ Annual Convention. 

The American Association for Justice proudly announces the 2018 recipient of the F. Scott Baldwin Award.

Tiffany R. Ellis, Seikaly & Stewart PC, Farmington, MI


Jennifer Bennett, Public Justice, Oakland, CA


Past Recipients

2017: Erin Oglesby
2016: Danielle Mason
2015: Donna MacKenzie and Patrick A. Salvi II
2014: Joseph E. "Jed" Cain
2013: Brent R. Bigger
2012: Brian Galligan and Matt Morrison
2011: Shawn McCann and Lyssa Roberts
2010: James Ledlie
2009: Stephen Lowry
2008: R. Deryl Edwards, Jr.
2007: Melissa R. Smith
2006: Jason T. Studinski
2005: Fred Schultz
2004: Jeremy W. Alters
2003: Mark Tate
2002: Kenneth S. Spiegelman and Jay A. Urban
2001: Robert E. Cartwright, Jr. and Christine Spagnoli
2000: Joe B. Stephens and Mitchell Tyner, Sr.
1999: Lance L. Stevens
1998: Robert J. Fiore and Corrine C. Hodak
1997: John B. "Jack" Baldwin and Robert Bonsignore