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Leonard Weinglass in Defense of Civil Liberties Award

The Leonard Weinglass In Defense of Civil Liberties Award is given to an individual—usually, but not necessarily, an attorney—who has made a notable contribution to the defense of civil liberties by bringing, trying, or resolving a suit, or by otherwise protecting or advancing civil liberties, in a way that has had a significant impact n the past year or over the course of his/her career.

The American Association for Justice Civil Rights Section proudly announces the 2018 recipient of the Leonard Weinglass Award:

Bryan Stevenson

Past Recipients

2017: Julie K. Brown
2016: William J. "Bill" Sheppard
2015: Siddhartha H. Rathod, Arash Jahanian, Matthew J. Cron, Qusair Mohamedbhai
2014: Joseph P. Kennedy
2013: James E. McElroy
2012: People's Law Office
2011: Michael W. Bein, Donald Specter
2010: Marsha Levick
2009: Fred D. Gray Sr.
2008: Edward G. Kramer
2007: No Recipient
2006: Alan Graf
2005: Arthur Bryant