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AAJ works collectively with more than 60 state and local trial attorney associations across the United States to promote a fair and effective justice system and to support the work of attorneys in their efforts to ensure that any person injured by the misconduct or negligence of others can obtain justice in America’s courtrooms—even when taking on the most powerful interests. Our collaboration means that each of our associations has the information we need to protect individuals and families from attempts by special interests and corporations to undermine access to justice and accountability.

In addition to supporting and protecting our civil justice system, most of the state associations now have programs set up through End Distracted Driving ( through which local trial attorneys are visiting high schools and speaking with students about the dangers of distracted driving and how to make choices that can save lives. Hundreds of trial lawyers across North America have volunteered and have given presentations to more than 200,000 people since 2012. If you would like to have a local trial attorney volunteer to speak at your school, please click here to learn more about the program and scheduling a presentation.

Alabama Association for Justice
Mississippi Association for Justice

Alaska Academy of Trial Lawyers

Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys
Arizona Association for Justice
Montana Trial Lawyers Association
Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association
Nebraska Association of Trial Attorneys
Consumer Attorneys of California
Nevada Justice Association
Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles
New Hampshire Association for Justice
Capitol City Trial Lawyers Association
New Jersey Association for Justice
Consumer Attorneys of San Diego
New Mexico Trial Lawyers Association & Foundation
San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association
New York State Trial Lawyers Association
Orange County Trial Lawyers Association
North Carolina Advocates for Justice
Colorado Trial Lawyers Association
North Dakota Association for Justice
Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association
Ohio Association for Justice
Delaware Trial Lawyers Association
Oklahoma Association for Justice
Trial Lawyers Association of Metro Washington D.C.
Oregon Trial Lawyers Association
Florida Justice Association
Pennsylvania Association for Justice
Palm Beach County Justice Association
Western Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association
Georgia Trial Lawyers Association
Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association
Hawaii Association for Justice
Rhode Island Association for Justice
Idaho Trial Lawyers Association
South Carolina Association for Justice
Illinois Trial Lawyers Association
South Dakota Trial Lawyers Association
Indiana Trial Lawyers Association
Tennessee Association for Justice
Iowa Association for Justice
Texas Trial Lawyers Association
Kansas Association for Justice
Utah Association for Justice
Kentucky Justice Association
Vermont Association for Justice
Louisiana Association for Justice
Virginia Trial Lawyers Association
Maine Trial Lawyers Association
Washington State Association for Justice
Maryland Association for Justice
West Virginia Association for Justice
Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys
Wisconsin Association for Justice
Michigan Association for Justice
Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association
Minnesota Association for Justice